Directors & Staff

Camp Androscoggin has been owned and operated by the Hirsch family since 1964 when Stanley and Barbara began the family tradition.  Their son Peter, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown Law School, became a Director in 1984 following 15 years as a camper and a counselor.

Peter and his wife Roberta, formerly an early-grades teacher with a masters degree in education from Teachers College of Columbia University, are now Directors of the camp.  The tradition continues.

Androscoggin is known for its staff – more than 75 people with proven expertise, maturity, and a natural ability to be mentors and role models.  They are carefully selected and thoroughly trained, starting with a full week of orientation before the campers arrive and continuing through the summer.
Every counselor has completed at least one year of college and is a specialist in one activity or sport.  The camp has no general counselors, no junior counselors or counselors in training.

The staff includes a dozen senior members, educators who have been at Androscoggin for five, 10 and even 20 years or more.  They are group leaders and department heads who provide a core of continuity for the Androscoggin tradition.  A physician and registered nurses are also residents of the camp.

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