Tuesday, August 7th

How could it be the final installment of 2018 Summer News. Where has the summer gone? 

So much to do in the final days, though. One last junior sign up to pick blueberries, harvesting the Andro garden, the TOLF (tennis ball golf) Masters, Lodge Nite, when we celebrate the camp careers of our 15s with speeches, songs and videos, and, of course, the final events of color war. The last day is Thursday, with our traditional schedule of Tug of War in the morning, Message to Garcia, Andro’s version of an apache relay, in the afternoon and Variety Night and the team song presentations in the evening. We then head to the totem poles for the closing ceremony.  The next night, we will be at the beach to light the numbers and see the ‘18 reflecting off the water.

We hope you enjoy the return of your boys and the final weeks of your summer. We miss them already. Thank you again for sharing them with us. 

All the very best,

Peter & Roberta

Friday, August 3rd

A track and field meet, with events across the entire campus from discus by the golf range to long jump at the beach, ending with age group “road runs,” and filled with camp records and personal bests was a wonderful way to kick off the final stretch. Yesterday, juniors enjoyed their Maine adventures in the mountains and on the coast. Today, our musicians and artists are prepping for ‘Palooza and film makers are tweaking their final edits. Next up, the long distance swim, Junior desert parties and Senior banquet.       

The schedule will only get more exciting and activity-filled from then on, with lots of color war still to be played, alma maters to be rehearsed, age group meals on the deck of the dining hall, a few more canoe trips on Lake Andro and lots more.

So much still to do.

Tuesday, July 31st

Beautiful weather here in Wayne. Lots of boys have been enjoying time in and on the water, including some seniors on extended paddles to the far reaches of Lake Andro as they hone their skills for their time on the Allagash. Last beach trips of the season with the 8s & 9s at Popham yesterday and the 12s off to Crescent today. Also, the final sleep outs at the Outpost and Sessions at the Playhouse.

Can’t wait to welcome the 15s back from the woods later this afternoon. It will be exciting to be a full camp once again. The noise level in the dining hall will certainly go up more than a few decibels when we unveil the Allagash ‘18 canoe.  Tomorrow, everyone looks forward to an all camp O & B track meet. Then on Thursday, the 8s are off to an animal farm in Grey, the 9s to a zip line course at Sugarloaf Mtn., the 10s to Camden and the 11s to Boothbay.  On Friday, our sailors will do their best to retain the Maine Lakes Cup. Then on Saturday, it’s Andropalooza time, our last musical extravaganza, capped off with the Andro Film Festival and the world premieres of this summer’s animated and live-action films.

Then, there’s only a week left.  It always goes by so fast.

Friday, July 27th

While it has been a little quieter around camp with the 3 oldest age groups out canoeing, rafting and exploring Montreal, we have been keeping just as busy. Lots of O & B and the final CMCL and Andro hosted tourneys of the season, with events in basketball, archery, lacrosse, tennis, soccer, swim, climbing and fishing, plus trips to the golf course.

Tonight, a group of actors and singers will hit the stage in a reprise of last summer’s hit  A Night at the Tonys. including a preview of songs penned by Andro campers and staff for an “original” new musical, Andy. Next up, we look forward to sailing in the Wayne Regatta, a 30 mile paddle trek down the chain of lakes that ends on Lake Andro, welcoming sisters and cousins from the neighboring girls’ camps, the last socials of the season, a charity 5K run in Augusta and a return to Bar Harbor for rock climbing with Acadia Mountain Guides.

Hope you are having fun too!

Tuesday, July 24th

It was fun to have you all here, and we hope you enjoyed your visit and all the stories you heard. Didn’t take us long to get back to our Andro routine with Junior “Mass”, our one inning baseball game when every camper gets an at bat and also plays in the field, which went in to extra innings on Friday night, and then Senior “Mass” on Saturday. Everyone enjoyed a particularly Lazy Sunday morning, and then Sunday afternoon saw a string of color war basketball games in the Fieldhouse. This morning marked the start of trip week for the older campers, with a dawn departure for the 15s, off on their weeklong adventure on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. The 13s headed out for their white water rafting trip on the Kennebec River right after breakfast, and tomorrow the 14s will be crossing the border on their way to Montreal.

Back in Wayne, the Juniors, along with the 12s, will have a week filled with O & B age group contests, the final games of the 2018 intercamp season and a host of special events, including a 12s social, a beach trip for the 8s and 9s, a presentation by the Chewonki Nature Foundation, Junior Banquet and Super Bingo.

Lots more to do in the days and weeks ahead.

Tuesday, July 17th

As you are already well aware, with the excitement building for days as campers listened and watched intently at every assembly, meal and even a fire drill, the much-anticipated color war “break” happened at lunch on Friday. While the boys were looking forward to a piece of sheet cake in honor of “Uncle Stan” Hirsch whose birthday was the 13th, they were much more enthused by the sight of his grandson, Adam, emerging from a fake one. That night, we headed to the totem poles for the opening ceremony where the boys found out what teams they are on. Cheers of Black Attack and Orange Crush now fill the air and will continue until the end of camp.

Some great weather and a typically busy schedule in the days ahead. With the first O & B events, golf trips, a pirate night for the 8s & 9s, after Taps events for the 13s and 14s and more to round it out. We will back to a full camp on Thursday, looking forward to the all camp play and, of course, your visit.

Can’t wait to see you all.

Friday, July 13th

In addition to all the sports, fun and adventures on the land and water, in and out of camp, the boys have been discovering and tapping their creative side. The wheels have constantly been spinning in the expanded pottery studio, all sorts of woodworking projects are nearly finished, and the Coffeehouse set which transformed the playhouse was all thanks to camper art. Next door in the media center, boys are working on their animated and live-action films and learning all about digital photography, while the darkroom and black & white photo remain as popular as ever, with a group of photographers enjoying a trip to the coast outside Portland. In the radio station, campers are working on podcasts in addition to playing their favorite music, and everyone is looking forward to the next camp performance as our senior thespians begin rehearsals for Spamalittle.

Starting Sunday, it is the seniors turn for their age group overnights when the 12s head to Acadia National Park.  Another group is off to summit Mt. Katahdin, and we make our second visit to the Appalachian Trail.

Always so much going on here at Andro; we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Tuesday, July 11th

As you can see, Coffeehouse ’18 was a big hit and a wonderful way to kick off our all camp performances. Down on the water, boys are enjoying their time both in and on Lake Andro where the water temp is perfect, the fish are biting, the lake is often smooth in the morning, just the way the skiers and wakeboarders like it, and a bit breezier in the afternoon for our sailors. Our competitive swimmers are preparing for the first meet of the season. After honing their skills, some senior campers are soon off for a day of white water kayaking and another group will be canoeing to Norris Island on the other end of our lake and spending the night there.

Back on the land, we had our first day bike trip yesterday, and after fun-filled overnights for the 10s and 11s, the 9s are off today for their adventure in the Rangeley Mountains and the 8s are hiking and camping at Grafton Notch.

While the All Star game isn’t until next week, a week later than usual, tradition is tradition here at Andro, so tonight is Sausagefest, and Big John and his assistants will be grilling quite the assortment.  Over the next few days, campers are making their speeches to be color war captains and lieutenants, and excitement for the “break” is starting to build.

Friday, July 6th

Hard to believe we are two weeks in. Even with the hot weather, which broke this morning, the schedule, if slightly modified, has been a full one. On the Andro sports scene, between instructional periods, intercamp games and intramural leagues, the fields and courts are constantly full. Almost every age group has had games in almost every sport, with CMCL events in lacrosse, golf and archery.

As you’ll see in pictures posted in the week(s) ahead, the same is true on Lake Andro, in the art and media centers, and the playhouse.  As we type this, we can hear the 8 year olds practicing for Coffeehouse this Sunday. Lots of outdoor adventures too, with a group canoeing to the other end of the lake to spend a night on Norris Island. The 8s and 9s are spending time at the Outpost in preparation for their overnights next week to Grafton Notch and the Rangeley Lakes. The 14s and 15s enjoyed their Sea Dogs game and their multi-camp socials are up next as is the first set of brother-sister day visits.

The Lodge will soon be organizing a committee, made up of a representative from every bunk, to pick the recipients of this summer’s charity drive. After the July 4th auction and lots of laps already swum and miles run, the 2018 effort is off to a strong start.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 3rd

Another few activity filled days in Wayne. On top of our “regular” schedule, a group of 12s and 13s enjoyed the inaugural Andro Survivor, a full day of challenges on the land and water that culminated with campfires and a cookout at the beach. The 14s went to the Seadogs Monday, and the 15s go tonight.

Preparations for Andro’s 4th celebration are in high gear. Everyone is excited to kick it off with the beach breakfast, featuring Jon Mann’s pancakes, Sam Schnur’s eggs, Tom Greenwood’s sausages, and of course, the Group Leader’s Manny Rocha Mochas. Next will be a day of special events at each activity area, including the basketball golf course set up on the outdoor hoops courts. At night, we will have our Ricky Lambert inspired carnival on the ball field and a cookout dinner of food booths with all of the boys’ favorites, from hamburgers and subs, to corn dogs and corn on the cob. And, a few sweets, too. Finally, we will all gather at the beach for the Lodge ‘18 campfire and a chance to listen to speeches by our 37 oldest campers, who will reflect on their years at camp and all they are looking forward to for the rest of their final summer.

Next up, our first overnight on the Appalachian Trail and cooking with Dave, using ingredients from local farms and the Andro garden.

Hope your 4th is wonderful too.

Friday, June 29th

After a soaker yesterday, we have a great stretch of weather ahead and a calendar to match. On top of the daily schedule filled with instructional periods and free choice time, every morning assembly is filled with counselor announcements about all sorts of activities, intercamp games and trips.

Today, we are hosting tournaments in basketball and baseball. Tomorrow is soccer, archery and, for the first time ever, a canoe and kayak competition. Sunday is the opening day of our intramural leagues- basketball for the 13s, 14s and 15s, flag football for the 11s and 12s, and floor hockey for the 8s, 9s and 10s. It is also the start of the junior trip schedule with half the 10s heading off for their 3 day, 2 night trip to climb Mt Tumbledown and camp in Mt Blue State Park, while half the 11s are off on their 3 day adventure to the Androscoggin River. The other half of each group will get their turn toward the end of next week.

After an afternoon of strawberry picking for the 8s and a climb of nearby Mt Piscah for some 9s, both age groups will soon have overnights at our Outpost as they get ready for their upcoming 2 day trips. A group of golfers enjoyed their first afternoon on the course, swimmers have started Laps for Charity, the 12s have been on the bikes getting ready for their trip to Acadia, and the junior and senior running clubs have been logging miles.

Lots of music emanating from the Playhouse as bands are being put together and starting to rehearse for Coffeehouse, our camper and counselor musical talent show. And, of course, we are prepping for the 4th of July which everyone is excited to celebrate in the traditional Andro way.

Hope you have a great weekend. As for us, happily no difference between a weekday and a weekend here in Wayne.

Tuesday, June 26th

We are happy to report that, while the weather has been a bit cool at times, it has been much drier than the forecast, and we have had an activity-packed first few days. It has been so much fun to walk around camp and see every field, court, range, boat and swimming lane filled, not to mention the art center, ropes course, media center, dark room, playhouse and radio station.

Evenings have been busy with team tryouts, tennis ladder matches and time spent at favorite activities, whether from summers past or newly discovered. A scavenger hunt for the 8s & 9s was a big hit as was our first Sunday Sessions in the Playhouse, an open mic night of music from campers and counselors alike.

In addition to all the activity on campus, the 15s, after a day of Allagash prep canoeing in Errol, New Hampshire, are on their Lodge road trip; the 14s are out on their two day trip to Camden to hike, canoe and rock climb; the 13s and 12s are soon headed to a Sea Dogs game, the minor league baseball team in Portland; and the 11s and 10s have their day trip to the beach at Reid State Park. A sign-up hike of Mt. Washington for seniors, strawberry picking for the 8s, and a 15s social round out the week. The 8s and 9s get their turn to head to the ocean next.

The inter-camp season starts on Thursday with the Central Maine Camp League (CMCL) tennis tournament, followed on Friday by the Andro Tip-Off Classic, our basketball tournament for the 15s and 13s. CMCL tourneys in soccer, lacrosse, basketball and baseball are up soon as are a bunch of contests in all the sports, including ones in archery, riflery and sail.

Summer ’18 is off to such a great start, and there is so much in store in weeks ahead.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Friday, June 22nd

After a 10 month hiatus, with a fall filled with projects, a winter of hibernation and a spring of work to get ready, capped by a great week of staff training, we were so thrilled to welcome your boys yesterday afternoon. From the smiles on their faces, they were pretty happy too, whether it was their first summer or their last. We hope these first photos give you a little sense of their excitement and ours.

Bunk photos will be up by Monday. After that, we will post photos and some news of what the boys have been up to both on and off campus on Tuesdays and Fridays. While we and the rest of the staff are focused on giving your sons the summer of their lives, we understand their letters might be short on detail and that you’d like to see and read a bit about their expereinces in Wayne.

Thank you for sharing them with us. Here’s to a memorable and fun-filled summer for them and you.


Peter & Roberta