The Summer of His Life

Time seems to stand still as the canoe glides through the cool, clear waters of Lake Androscoggin. Only the rhythmic slap of paddles breaks the silence of the summer afternoon. The lake, five miles wide and six miles long, is encircled by a forest of fir, pine, maple and a dozen other species of trees that form the Maine wilderness. There, carved out of 120 acres along the shoreline of the lake, is Camp Androscoggin. Founded in 1907, our camp is located in Wayne, 20 miles west of Augusta, the state capitol.

This is the spectacular setting at the heart of the unique and enduring Androscoggin Experience. But it takes much more than breathtaking Maine vistas to earn the loyalty of second, third and fourth generation campers – and the repeated ranking by respected national experts as arguably the top traditional Maine camp for boys.

What’s the secret of this commanding reputation? Place, of course, plus people, planning and program.

The Androscoggin People

Every summer, some 275 boys ages 7 to 15 come to Camp Androscoggin, each one expecting to have the summer of his life. The skilled and caring staff is focused on that goal. They live the Androscoggin tradition every day, encouraging each boy to:

Learn new skills and gain self-confidence by mastering the challenges of camp life.

Feel part of a close-knit, spirited community and grow from the experience.

Make lasting friendships and enjoy the summer adventure of his life – every summer.