Living & Eating Together

All campers live in one area of the camp in cabins that are arranged in a semi-circle overlooking Lake Androscoggin. Every cabin is a sturdy, well-maintained structure with electricity and toilet facilities. Boys of every age enjoy meeting at the ping-pong tables and tetherball courts between the cabins.

Six boys and at least one counselor live in each cabin. The 8- and 9-year-old boys always have two counselors. In making cabin arrangements, we always mix old and new campers as well as boys from different parts of the country.

At mealtime, everyone eats together in our Dining Hall that features large, round tables. Each week the boys sit at a different table with campers from other age groups, providing another opportunity for all the boys to meet one another. The boys also get a chance to eat with their bunkmates every Thursday when the camp holds cookouts and every Sunday when campers enjoy our ever popular buffets.

The grouping of the cabins and the thoughtful mix of boys in each bunk and at the tables in the dining hall encourages the camaraderie and friendship that is so much a part of summers at Androscoggin.