The Andro Spirit

Our campers come from diverse backgrounds – urban, suburban and rural.  And they come from all over the U.S. and abroad.  Many are sports-oriented and look forward to a summer of improving their skills and enjoying the competition among friends and rival camps.

The Androscoggin Experience is designed to be equally exciting, challenging and rewarding to those campers who are interested in individual activities.  Our program encourages and helps maintain a diversity of interests among campers.  That diversity enhances the overall camping experience for every boy.

But what is Camp Androscoggin really about? Why does this camp inspire such strong feelings and treasured memories? It’s more than the setting. It’s more than the program and the facilities.

It’s the Andro spirit.

Rich Edwards, who was a camper and counselor, as were both his sons, tried to describe it when he was interviewed by a respected guide book to camps.  He said, in part:  “The Andro spirit is something special and unique…it’s helping, caring, giving, sharing, learning, teaching, having fun…something wonderful to experience but hard to describe.”

Brian Stern, as a young camper, said simply, “Every summer keeps getting better and better.”  His father and his grandfather agree.  They, too, enjoyed their summers at Camp Androscoggin, as did Brian’s great-grandfather.

The experiences of the Stern family and the Edwards family are not unusual.  Many boys are second, third or even fourth generation campers.  Others begin their own tradition, returning year after year.  All of them welcome new campers who, within a few days, will feel that they are also part of the Camp Androscoggin family.  Why?  Our video will give you more insights into the Andro spirit.  We hope you will want to learn even more about us and become part of the Androscoggin tradition.

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