The Androscoggin Program

Optimum Size, Perfect Size

The ratio of staff to campers permits the planning and personal attention that is so much a part of the Androscoggin tradition. That attention begins the moment every boy steps off the bus and gets a warm welcome from his counselor, his group leader and from the camp directors.

For every new camper the welcome and excitement begins when his Androscoggin Big Brother contacts him long before the first day of camp. That same older boy is also part of the welcoming committee when the younger boy arrives at camp, walking with him to the dining hall and giving him a tour of the camp right after dinner.

The warm, caring, individualized support system never stops. Peter and Roberta meet daily with the senior staff to discuss what happened that day, what is planned for the next day, and especially, how each boy is faring. Each boy, every day. That’s part of the Androscoggin plan.

So is the size of the camp. Androscoggin is large enough to offer a full program of team and group activities in every age group. Yet, it is small enough so every boy in camp gets to know every other boy.

The size of the camp also enables Peter, Roberta and the counselors to truly get to know and interact with each camper and to be aware of how every boy is doing. And, it’s all so natural, relaxed and fun. That’s part of the plan, too.


As we enter Androscoggin’s second century, we remain committed to two key principles that enable each boy to enjoy the summer of his life and develop a sense of his own achievement.

First, we make certain each camper is introduced to every activity in our program and receives instruction from an experienced specialist. Learning how makes everything more fun. It also makes campers more confident about taking on new challenges now and in the future.

Second, we structure our program so that every camper has the opportunity to personalize his schedule. As our campers get older they have more opportunities to specialize in the activities they select. Group leaders and department heads work together to monitor each camper’s progress, making certain he receives extra attention in the areas he and his parents have requested.