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Camp Androscoggin is an all-boys’ camp in Wayne, Maine which is 20 miles west of Augusta, the state capital and about an hour north of Portland. The campgrounds cover over 120 acres on the shores of Lake Androscoggin. With all our campers and counselors living and playing on a single campus, Androscoggin is a close-knit community with meaningful connections amongst staff and campers. Every summer, we strive to create an environment in which every camper can improve their skills, gain an increased sense of independence and self-esteem, and form strong and lasting friendships. Camp offers a setting in which campers can learn and grow and enjoy themselves in the process. Campers create lifelong memories at Androscoggin and gain skills that serve them for a lifetime.

We believe that the camp environment also offers staff members a unique opportunity to work closely with children and have a positive and lasting impact on their development. This coming summer, we will have 250 campers between the ages of 8 and 15 for one seven-week session, and a staff of 100. Each summer, the opportunity to engage campers through impactful fun, sports, and adventure in one of the most beautiful locations we can think of is incredibly rewarding – we can’t wait to make it happen again this coming season. Consider joining us!

Job Description

  • Serve as an activity specialist helping to run an activity area on a staff of 2-8 – Skill development and exposure to new activities are key elements of our program, and we are seeking applicants with experience in their activity of choice. As important as competence or experience, however, are your enthusiasm and a desire to teach.
    • Ability to work with all camper skill levels from beginner to advanced.
    • Work with the department to scaffold skill-development enrichments, plan periods, and manage a summer-long curriculum; maintain equipment; and organize competitions or games for campers within camp events.
    • Camp Androscoggin offerings include: tennis, baseball, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, golf, rec sports, archery, riflery, arts and crafts, pottery, woodworking, animation, photography, radio, video, dramatics, music, nature and campcraft, climbing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, fishing, sailing and water-skiing.
  • Supervise a Bunk or 5 or 6 boys – As it is the campers home away from home, the rapport a camper develops with his counselors is one of the key ingredients in a successful experience.
    • Male staff live in the building with the boys and co-supervise with other staff
    • Female staff are assigned bunks to co-supervise
    • This includes building a bunk culture that is welcoming, comfortable, safe, and positively impactful for the campers
    • Additionally, supervise campers in all camp activities like meals and assemblies 
  • Participate in themed Camp nights and event days like 4th of July, Sausage Fest, Coffee House, Banquet Nights and so much more!
  • Participate in a duty rotation to ensure camper safety during specific periods of the day and at night
  • Participate fully in Orientation, Staff Meetings, Department Meetings, and other administrative duties throughout the summer
  • Collaborate with supervisors of your department and bunks to ensure the quality of our camp program and camper success
  • Potentially serve as a trip chaperone for day trips or over-nights traveling for hikes, paddle trips, beach trips, camping, and more
  • Wear a camp uniform including camp shirt and appropriate attire for your activity area and abide by departmental specific regulations
  • Serve as a mandatory reporter in compliance with state law and camp accreditation
  • There are differences and specifics for Day Staff, Nurses, and Department Heads so please ask about for more information if you are interested in those opportunities

Preferred Qualifications

A counselor is a combination teacher, confidant, disciplinarian, and friend. To fill this role we are looking for people with the following:

  • Be a patient, caring, and enthusiastic role model 
  • Be qualified to teach an activity area in land sports, water sports, camp craft and outdoor adventure, or the arts and media centers
  • Have an interest in and commitment to the development of children in a fun and engaging atmosphere
  • Have completed at least one year of college or the equivalent (please note we do not have a CIT or Junior Counselor program)
  • Department Heads and specific departments may have additional qualifications necessary, please ask us about specifics

The Specifics

  • The contract for the 2023 season for staff rus from xxxxx to xxxxx with campers arriving on xxxxx
  • Staff attend a 10 day orientation where you will get to know your fellow counselors and learn our daily schedule and other camp particulars, get training in your activity area and for running periods, and explore concepts of early childhood development and how best to connect with campers
  • Pay is competitive based on job specifics and experience, room and board, laundry, and wifi for staff are also included
  • Travel expenses are included in your compensation plan
  • When you arrive, we will give you a sweatshirt and one t-shirt and ask you to purchase additional t-shirts at cost for the Camp Uniform
  • 5 days off throughout the summer and rotating nights off
  • Opportunity to become CPR certified
  • Opportunities to chaperone day trips and over-nights 
  • Ongoing training and support from core staff 
  • Ability to support this role as an internship if needed, contact us if this applies to you

We expect a lot from our staff and recognize the need for competitive benefits, strong supports, and ample time off in order to recharge and stay refreshed throughout the summer.

Why Should you Join our Team?

  • We are nestled on the breathtaking Lake Androscoggin in beautiful Kennebec County, Maine
  • Lifelong connections with staff from around the globe representing at least xxxx countries annually and states across the U.S.
  • Opportunities to provide enduring and valuable learning experiences and positive memories for children 
  • Connect with a 115 year tradition of development through a summer outdoors

We are looking for staff who want to contribute to a summer of connection, adventure, and fun. If that resonates with you, send us a message! 

What Will You Learn at Andro?