Summer 2021 Update

Dates and Contact Information

Opening Date, Thursday, June 25th

Closing Date, Saturday, August 15th

Visiting Dates, Friday, July 24th or Saturday, July 25th

4 Week Session, Sunday, July 26th

Father-Son, Saturday – Monday, August 15th – 17th


Winter Address

601 West Street

Harrison, NY 10528

Phone: 914-835-5800

Fax: 914-777-2718


Summer Address, June 8th – August 28th

126 Leadbetter Road

Wayne, ME 04284

Phone: 207-685-4441

Fax: 207-685-4391

Forms and Dates Checklist

Transportation & Baggage
April 10
Camp Trucking Registration
May 1
Registration with PackMyRx
May 25
All Medical Forms
June 1
Duffel Shipment
June 10
13 & 14 Year Old Trips
June 15
Visiting Day
July 1
August 1

Clothing and Equipment


The Camp Spot is our official camp outfitter. In addition to their roadshow and showroom in Florham Park, New Jersey, you can order online at We encourage you to place your order soon, if you haven’t already, and in any event, by the end of April.

Required Uniform – Each camper should have 8 Androscoggin t-shirts, 6 shorts, 1 sweatshirt and 1 fleece. A minimum of two of the t-shirts should be the cotton version which is offered in grey for Juniors and white for Seniors, and one must be the Under Armour style in any color (white, black or grey) your son prefers. There are several styles of shorts, sweatshirts and fleece pullovers to choose from. All other Androscoggin logo’d items included in the catalog are optional.

Non-uniform Clothing – Campers are allowed to wear non-uniform sweat- pants and baseball caps. Campers should also bring one or two non-uniform shirts and shorts for Thursday night cook-outs and Sunday night buffets and for other special events. As for footwear, each boy should have 2 pairs of sneakers, one pair of cleats and one pair of water shoes. While sandals are fine for the Andro campus, boys must also have water shoes for their trips as well as boating activities on Lake Andro.

Additional clothing and equipment for trips – The day and overnight trips are one of the highlights of the summer, and it is important that each camper has the appropriate items. Each boy should have a day pack, water bottle and sleeping bag. We suggest a mummy style sleeping bag with compression bag and a day pack with features comparable to the Under Armour pictured in the catalog. Your son will get plenty of use from both over the course of his Andro trip career.

For clothing, each boy needs an Under Armour t-shirt, long sleeve fleece, rain jacket and pair of water shoes. While hiking boots are not required, boys are welcome to bring a pair.


Your son will need 2 duffels. The soft trunk in the catalog is a great item to transport gear to and from camp. We suggest that the second duffel be a smaller style such as the tripping bag pictured in the catalog. A soft trunk and a small duffel will be more than adequate to accommodate all your son’s clothing and equipment, and the duffel can be used for his overnight trips.

Equipment and Bedding

We ask each camper to bring a tennis racquet, baseball glove and shin guards. While we provide all the other sporting equipment your son will need, he is welcome to bring his own. Your son will also need three blankets and a pillow. We provide towels daily and sheets and pillowcases weekly, so it is not necessary to send any towels or linens.

Name Tags

It is important that your son have all the articles indicated on the required uniform list and that every article of clothing is clearly and permanently marked with his name. Please re-check each piece of clothing before pack- ing. Also, remember to mark all of your son’s equipment. As you can imagine, many boys come to camp with the same equipment, and clear, permanent markings make identification a lot easier.

Additional Items

We ask you to keep in mind the limited amount of storage space available in the bunk when you consider packing any additional items not found on the list. This is especially important for younger campers. With their counselor’s assistance, the boys are responsible for keeping track of their possessions and keeping them organized, a task made more difficult as the number of possessions grows.

Other Restricted Items

We do not allow fireworks, knives, whether fishing or jack knife. Water pistols, balloons and Nerf guns are also prohibited. While these items might seem harmless, their use on the bunkline only leads to horseplay and accidents.

Travel Day

When packing your son’s duffels, please remember to keep out camp clothes for the trip to Wayne. If he is carrying a bag or pack, also remember to label it as well as the items inside.


This summer, we will once again be working with Camp Trucking and The Mailing Center, a UPS store in Augusta. If you decide to use Camp Trucking – – please return their form directly to them.

Camp Trucking will provide you with shipping labels and will contact you directly about a pick up date.

The Mailing Center—, 207-621-0234 – can handle the processing and billing for UPS shipments, both to and from camp.

While Fedex, as well as Parcel Post, are also options to get duffels to camp, we have found pick-ups by Camp Trucking and UPS to be much more reliable at the end of the season.

Please complete the form indicating the shipper you plan to use by June 1st. Regardless, please ship the duffels by June 10th.


First and foremost, cell phones are NOT allowed, a rule that starts on the morning of June 25th. Please have your son leave his phone at home. The beginning of the journey to Wayne will be much more pleasant, for both campers and staff, if the focus is on each other, rather than the confiscation of phones.

The only exception is if your son is traveling to camp by plane and you want him to travel with his phone. In that instance, we ask your son to give it to the counselor meeting him at the gate after he lands and has been in touch with you.

The only electronic devices campers are allowed to bring are ones that just play music. Any devices with email, text or internet capability, including iPod touches, iPads and Kindles, are prohibited.

Recognizing that most devices no longer come without video capability, any videos on your son’s devices must be deleted prior to camp. Digital cameras are allowed but cannot be used inside the bunks. If a digital camera also has video capability, the video feature cannot be used during the summer.

Please review all of these restrictions with your son prior to camp. We recognize that transferring music to a MP3 player can be a challenge. We feel strongly, however, that providing your son with an unplugged experience, starting with the ride to camp, is an important component of his summer.

Though he might not admit it, we think your son agrees and appreciate your respect for and cooperation with these policies.

Travel Day

Please complete the form indicating your son’s travel plans to and from camp and return it by April 10th. We will send out a final travel confirmation in early June.

New York Bus

Kohl’s Shopping Center, 431 Boston Post Road, Port Chester, NY

The departure site is the parking lot of the Kohl’s Shopping Center in Port Chester. It is near the intersection of the New England Thruway (I-95) and the Cross Westchester Expressway (287) on Route 1.

Boys will be assigned to buses by age groups. Please check in with our staff when you arrive to find out which bus your son is on. In order to ensure an 8:00 am departure, you should arrive at 7:30am. We will load all the boys at 7:45. Please finish your goodbyes before your son boards. And, please make sure he boards without his phone. Parents will not be permitted on the buses. We greatly appreciate your cooperation on both these points.

We will also have departure locations in Westport, CT and Hartford, CT. The Westport pick-up is at the McDonalds/Rest Area at Exit 22 on I-95 Northbound at 8:30. The Hartford pick-up is at the On the Border/ Dakota parking lot off I-91 North, Exit 24.

Boston Bus

Our pick-up location is the McDonalds/Rest Area parking lot on 128 North / I-95 North in Lexington. Please arrive at 1 :00, so that we can load the bus at 11:15 and be on the road at 11:30. And, please make sure your son boards without his phone.

Drop off at Camp

We ask those families who are dropping their sons off to arrive at noon.

Plane Travel to Camp

To help ensure smooth travel days for all, we ask you to arrange for flights within the following times:

Arrivals on June 25th

Logan — Between 10:00 AM & 12:00 PM

Portland — Between 11:00 AM & 1:00 PM

Departures on August 15th

Logan—After 1:00 AM

Portland—Between 11:00 AM & 1:00 PM

Please be in touch before you make reservations if these times do not work for you.

With the exception of campers on our group flights, it’s important that campers be registered as unaccompanied minors. This will ensure that an airline representative will remain with your son until he is met at the arrival gate by our staff. We will provide the name of the counselor who is assigned to meet your son’s flight in our final pre-camp mailing in early June.

On travel day, we suggest you request a gate pass upon arrival at the ticket counter. With a gate pass, a parent will be able to accompany their child to the gate and remain with him until boarding.

Finally, it is important that campers travel in their Androscoggin uniform. Additionally, we request that boys do not check any luggage and only travel with one carry-on bag. Items such as baseball bats and lacrosse sticks most likely will not be permitted on the plane.

Summer Communications


Your son will be writing home twice a week unless he is off on a trip. We suggest that parents of younger boys prepare stamped, addressed envelopes to ensure you get the letters your son writes.

Your son is as anxious to receive mail as you are. Please make sure he receives a letter soon after he arrives at camp, especially if this is his first summer with us. We’ll be in touch soon after opening day with the name of your son’s bunk and ask that you write it on the envelope of all your letters from then on.

Summer Website

Recognizing that your son’s correspondence might not be very informative, we will try to fill in some of the blanks on our summer web site. As in past summers, you’ll find a link in the parent section of the Andro website, NOT through your Camp In Touch account.

You can also use the summer site to send your son emails. We will print them out each morning and distribute them after lunch with the snail mail. Due to the large number of emails we receive daily, we ask that you only give this information to members of your family.

The case-sensitive password for this summer is: WayneMe2020

Phone Calls

We believe that phone calls are not advisable in the first 10 days of camp. Of course, feel free to check in with us during this time and throughout the summer to talk about your son’s progress. Once we do open up the phone lines, campers can receive or make up to one call per week. Our one restriction is that we will not take a boy away from a scheduled activity.

The best times to speak to your son are his free choice time right before lunch (12:15 – 12:45) or dinner (5:00 – 5:45). Another good time is right after lunch or dinner is finished (1:30 and 6:30).

Phone Appointments — Starting Tuesday, June 30th, the office will be ready to schedule appointments for your son’s 1st call. The easiest times to get through are during the morning or afternoon activities (9:15-12:00 and 2:45-4:45). The first day calls will be allowed for returning campers will be Sunday, July 5th. For first-year campers, the first day will be Wednesday, July 8th.

We appreciate that the demand will be high for calls the first few days, and while we will do our best to be accommodating, we ask in advance for your understanding and patience.

Thereafter, please call the office the day before you’d like to speak to your son. We can confirm that he is on campus and arrange a convenient time for him to call you back.

Change of Address and Summer Itineraries

Please complete the form regarding any summer change of address. Also, indicate if it is a weekend address or one where you can be reached throughout the summer. Furthermore, if you plan to take a trip during the summer, please indicate that on the form as well and provide an itinerary or forward us a copy before your departure.

Medical Information

You can complete your son’s health history online through your Camp in Touch account as well as get access to forms for his doctor to complete.

Each camper must have a physical before he leaves for camp. Please make sure that your son’s MMR vaccine is current. In addition to his physi- cian, your son should visit his dentist and orthodontist, if applicable, before camp starts.

All of your son’s medical forms must be completed and submitted to us by June 1st. 

Please complete the Parent Authorization form and attach copies of both sides of your son’s insurance card. Only with your signature are we authorized to provide routine health care, administer medications, order X-rays and secure proper treatment. While we will always attempt to notify you before your son leaves camp for any necessary treatment, it is very important that we have the signed authorization just in case you cannot be reached. In addition, you can expect a phone call if your son ever has to spend the night in the infirmary.

Pre-Camp Lice Checks: We ask for your assistance to avoid a potentially summer-long problem. As you are well aware, treatment for lice is tedious and time consuming, both for your child and our health care staff. It’s very important that you check your son periodically in the weeks before camp and one last time on the day before camp starts — and only send your son to camp if he is lice and nit free.


We will be working with PackMyRx to administer our pre-packaged medication program this summer. Working with PackMyRx will help ensure that we dispense the proper medications at the correct time of day and that all medications arrive at camp prior to the start of the season.

If your son will be taking ANY medication on a regular basis, this medication MUST be packaged by PackMyRx’s licensed pharmacy. This includes:

  • All prescription medication your son takes on a daily or “as needed” basis – whether in pill or liquid form, nose sprays, eye or ear drops, inhalers, creams or ointments, including Epipens this year as PackMyRx is able to provide them.
  • Non prescription OTC items including allergy medication, vitamins, supplements and Lactaid your son takes daily.

Our infirmary stocks most over the counter items such as Tylenol, Advil, Claritin, Zyrtec and Benadryl, so there is no need to have PackMyRx dispense these items unless your son will need to take them daily.

Medications that are in pill form are individually packaged and sealed according to date and time of administration. Each individual packet may contain one or more pills prescribed to be given at the same time. The packets are labeled and placed on a dispensing roll in chronological order and are easily portable for day and overnight trips.

PackMyRx’s pharmacy will bill the cost of prescription medications through your insurance carrier. They will charge a one-time registration fee which covers the cost of packaging and shipping of all your son’s medications directly to camp.

PackMyRx registration is done online at They will package and ship everything a week prior to the first day of camp and will send a refill, if necessary, 30 days thereafter. At the end of camp, any extra medication will be sent home.

Please complete your registration as early as possible so that PackMyRx can guarantee the timely arrival of medications to camp and avoid your being charged any late registration fees and/or expedited shipping fees.

Injectables: Allergy shots and growth hormones are not included in the PackMyRx service. These should be provided by you and sent directly to camp. Please mark the envelope “Attention: Infirmary” and include complete instructions for the medication’s administration. Also, remember that any enclosed instructions cannot differ from the pharmacist’s directions.

Our medical staff cannot deviate from these instructions unless we have written permission to do so from the camper’s physician.

Medication which must be refrigerated — If your son has allergy serum or any other medication which must be refrigerated, please note this on the medical form and also contact the infirmary to confirm how you plan to ship the medication to camp. If your son will be traveling to camp with the medication on June 25, we will give you the name of the staff member responsible. If you will be sending the medication by an overnight service, please be in touch with the infirmary on the day of the shipment to notify the health care staff of its anticipated arrival.

For Campers who bring an epipen or inhaler to camp:

The State of Maine allows campers who are at risk of asthmatic attacks or severe allergic reactions and come to camp with an epipen or inhaler to self-administer their emergency medication.

As has always been the case, campers who bring such medication to camp may keep it in the infirmary to be administered under the supervision of our medical staff. If, however, you want to permit your child to carry and self-administer his inhaler or EpiPen, you and your child’s doctor need to complete the authorization forms.

This form only applies to campers who have a prescription for an inhaler or epipen for emergency purposes. It is not intended for Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl or any other medication we stock in the infirmary.

Regardless of whether you choose to sign the form, we ask you to send a second inhaler or epipen through PackMyRx so we always have a spare in the infirmary.


While we do not have many restrictions at camp, we feel strongly about those we do have and ask for your cooperation. Please review the list of prohibited items included in the clothing and equipment section.

Packages – Please limit the number of packages to two for the summer. There is both limited storage space in the bunk and a limit to the amount of possessions your son can keep track of. And, a reminder that packages can- not contain ANY food, gum or candy.

The one exception is for those boys with birthdays during the summer. In that case, please send the box to our attention and clearly mark it with your son’s name and Hold for Birthday.

Gratuities – Lastly, tipping of staff is not permitted.

We ask that you respect these few rules and advise your relatives and friends of these policies.

Spending Money

Each time the boys go in to Wayne or on an age group trip, they receive an “allowance” from us that we feel is appropriate for their age and the excursion, whether for candy and soda when they go to town or ice cream at the end of a day at the beach.

Any spending money above and beyond these allowances that you’d like your son to have, whether for additional snacks or souvenirs, is called “valuables”. Each camper is given an envelope in the office, and we ask boys to bring any valuables they have there for safekeeping. Campers can then withdraw their money from their valuables account whenever they are going out of camp. While we will offer advice if asked, it is up to the camper to decide how much he would like to withdraw on each occasion and to exercise judgment about his budget for the summer.

For starters, we offer these ranges as suggestions for campers in the Junior division:

8s & 9s – $15-$20

10s – $20-$25

11s – $25-$35

Feel free to be in touch if you’d like to discuss this further, regardless of your son’s age.

Visiting Day and Father-Son Weekend

Friday, July 24th Or Saturday, July 25th

We would appreciate your completion of the Visiting Day form by July 1st, so we know what day you’ll be with us. Please plan to visit on only one day unless there are brothers at camp.


You have until August 1st to complete the form for Father-Son, a great way to wrap up the summer.

Permission for 13 and 14 year old Trips

13 year-olds — At the end of July, the 13s will be white-water rafting on the Kennebec Adventure Bound, the professional guides we’ve used for many years, requires a permission slip for each boy.

14 year-olds — For the past few summers, the 14s have traveled to Cam- den the first week of camp to rock climb with Acadia Mountain Guides who require completion of their permission. Later in the summer, the boys are off to Montreal. To ensure smooth border crossings, we ask for both the permission slip and identification.

Either his passport or an original Certified Copy of his birth certificate, which can be obtained from his city/town of birth, is acceptable. A photo- copy of his passport or birth certificate is not sufficient.

We’d appreciate if all permission slips could be completed by June 15th.

List of Accommodations

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